ICBC exploits Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogger and MySpace

insuranceYou’re a regular on Facebook and you regularly check your privacy settings to insure only your friends can see your activities; not so. ICBC has been getting court orders requiring the injured party to give the insurance company access to the injured party’s entire Facebook history.

Through this history they can look at your photos and status updates you post, where you’ve been, who you regularly contact, and even the private messages you’ve sent to people.

ICBC, their investigators and their defense lawyers regularly do web searches on claimants and if you have got anything posted on the internet,  ICBC will get that information.

The safest thing to do when involved in any insurance claim is to shut them down all your social media sites for the duration of your case. Setting your privacy controls to maximum provides you no protection.  If you must use these sites, avoid posting  photographs of yourself and refrain from discussing how you are feeling, or any details about your case. We also recommend asking your friends to remove posted pictures of you. Remember that nothing is truly private if it is online.  Privacy does not exist on the internet.