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Brian Nielsen
We like the approach they use when it comes to managing and maintaining network systems, which is a preventative approach.They have been providing all our IT services and equipment since November of 2009. It is rare to find any supplier that provides better service or consulting than Norm and his team.

Divine Digitizing

Divine Digitizing
The people here are amazing! Technologies long forgotten are still supported by this great team!
Finally computer support that doesn't expect you to be an expert in technology, and without being talked down to.  We love eCompServices.

Andrew Thompson

Andrew Thompson
When I was on vacation in Mexico, my laptop was taken over by a virus. I e-mailed my problem, and eCompServices were able to remove the virus right away!

Believe Yoga

We're very impressed with the people at eCompServices

Business Writer

Kathleen E.
eCompServices sets the benchmark for customer-focused service. I write business plans and my customers can be anywhere in the world. I cannot afford to have computer problems -- yet problems happen. I know I can turn to them and they will be there! The fact I don't need to bring my computer to them, they "remote in" and find and fix the problem.

Robert Ellis

I am not a computer person.  The technologies have changed faster than I can keep up—but I don’t have to.  Norman is there as close as his old British Columbia telephone number!!  Just today we reconnected as I had feared a virus may have been down loaded into our computer.  In fact, we received two phishing phone calls yesterday that made me even more suspicious.  So, a call to Norman!!  And, yes, we did have issues with our computer system’s integrity.  Very quickly he took over our computer—from Prince Edward Island no less—and soon we were cleaned and updated.  He knows what he is doing and does it quickly. We are so glad he is our “computer guru” and while we hope we won’t need his expertise any time soon, we know he is but a phone call away.
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