We like the approach [Exceptional Computer Services] uses when
it comes to managing and maintaining network systems, which is a
preventative approach.

[They] have been providing all our IT services and equipment
since November of 2009. It is rare to find any supplier that
provides better service or consulting than Norm and his team.

The people at Exceptional Computer Services, Inc, are
amazing! Technologies long forgotten are still supported
by this great team!

Professional, timely and knowledgeable.
- LEARN ZENK Barristers & Solicitors

Finally computer support that doesn't expect you
to be an expert in technology, and without being
talked down to.

When I was on vacation in Mexico, my laptop was taken over by a virus
I e-mailed my problem, and Exceptional Computer Services were able to
remove the virus right away!

We're very impressed with the people at
Exceptional Computer Services, Inc.

Unlike other IT companies, when Exceptional Computer Services
fixes something, the problem is solved.

The service from exceptional computer really is exceptional, it fact this company sets the benchmark for customer-focused service. I write business plans and my customers can be anywhere in the world. As an online business and I cannot afford to have computer problems -- yet problems happen. I know I can turn to Exceptional Computer Services and they will be there - even at 11:00 p.m. The difference is the fact that this company doesn't need me to bring my computer to them, they "remote in" and find and fix the problem. I am treated with respect and patience, if asked they provide suggestions on how to protect my computer (which is very important as I do constant online research) and they keep me sane. (computer issues drive me crazy). You can trust this company, they will do what you need when you need it, and the prices are fair. You simply cannot get better service anywhere. They truly are exceptional

Kathleen E. Business Writer.